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Sunday, March 27, 2011

~sWeEt MemOries wiiff my Hubby~


On the last 24th Feb 2011, me CCP was participated in MURoC (Malaysia University Robot Competition) that was held in UniMAP,Perlis. Although our team didnt bring back any trophy, but we r proud to be 1 of the participant. There's a lot of knowledge that we gain along the comp, even we manage to 'steal' other Uni's ideas in order to improve our robot features. Meanwhile, i've take da chances to spent time with my CCM @ her hometown..Here are some pic dat i've been captured...;)

 Lovely robot <;>
Me as Utem's presenter
Whose more taller?? CCP or CCM??
 ~ Ladang Tebu Chuping, Perlis~
"I know how to made she love ME"....

That hump stuff  we call it as ' Gua Hantu '..what a scare..
perfect view

 ~padang besar~
wif new spec..LoL

U & me..

Lastly, for the next MURoC, we tent to make ourself more well-prepared to fight against other Uni's robot. AJA AJA FIGHTY UTeM's ROBOTIC!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

~sepetang bersama KCF ku di putrajaya ngan una~